Comic 94 - Fuzzball and Scuzzball Go to Heck

5th Nov 2012, 9:01 AM in Fuzzball's Dinner Party
Fuzzball and Scuzzball Go to Heck
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L8on 5th Nov 2012, 9:01 AM edit delete
Look at that! That's a lot of content, right there.

Back when we were seniors in high school, D.F. French and I contributed comics to the school newspaper, including a Fuzzball & Scuzzball strip.

In one issue, we did a four part story about Fuzzball & Scuzzball going to Heck. Since this was for the school paper, we couldn't say "Hell," but we tried to be as subversive as possible. Keep in mind that we lived in a conservative small town in Kentucky, and you'll see that we were deliberately antagonizing people with that last line. Ah, the simple joys of being a teenager!

This isn't the newspaper version of the story; I don't have copies of those. But shortly after D.F. drew the original strips, he drew the story for inclusion in one of our cheaply self-published anthology comics. That's why there's profanity in this version, even though it's still about Heck instead of Hell. I guess we thought that was funnier.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying this is a really old comic, from 1994. This comic is not yet old enough to drink, but it's old enough to vote, and that kind of blows my mind.