Comic 261 - Malev'lynn Revealed!

12th Mar 2015, 11:00 AM in Hell Hath Lots of Fury
Malev'lynn Revealed!
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Author Notes:

L8on 12th Mar 2015, 11:00 AM edit delete
Even though this storyline is based on Malev'lynn, we certainly haven't seen very much of him. But look, here he is!

Jimmy called Malev'lynn in last week's episode. You can check out the comments there for some background on the Malev'lynn character, who was created by Mr. D. Floyd French.

The bookstore is named after Walt Whitman, because I just finished reading a biography of Walt Whitman. It was good. I learned a lot about 19th century America.

Next Week:If this were a modern Hollywood movie, with a three act structure, we would be entering into the third act. Things are coming together! Get excited!