Comic 247 - Frederick Winslow Taylor Checks In

8th Jan 2015, 10:00 AM in Hell Hath Lots of Fury
Frederick Winslow Taylor Checks In
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Author Notes:

L8on 7th Jan 2015, 11:19 PM edit delete
Today's episode is not nearly as action-packed as last week's showdown between Scuzzball and Michael of the Love People, but after four weeks of Scuzzball and Mike, I felt like we really needed to check in on some of the other characters.

Specifically, it's been awhile since we saw what the other demons were up to, so I wanted to check in on them before we start escalating to the thrilling confrontation that's going to take place in episode #250.

We saw Frederick Winslow Taylor checking in on the troops before, and we saw Hannah kill Noximous Squidge, but this is our first time seeing Sally Serpentine, Cap'n Hellbeard, and Klaws since their introduction.

(I almost wrote Sally Serpentine's dialogue in the traditional snake-person style--"Sssssomeone blew his brainsssss out"--but decided that would be annoying. You're welcome.)

Next Week: Hate Frog!