Comic 209 - Invited to a Party

24th Apr 2014, 11:00 AM in Creature the Creature Comes to Town
Invited to a Party
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Author Notes:

L8on 24th Apr 2014, 11:00 AM edit delete
In case you're unclear what's happening, Fuzzball is reading from a flash card; the flash cards were introduced last time. Creature visit started not too long ago.

This episode was, like last time's, drawn by me and written by "Dangerous" D.F. French. The last two lines really crack me up--"Am I such a bad guy? I am such a bad guy!"

We really got into the flash card idea. We could have done dozens of these, but we showed some restraint. Next week: Not flash cards!


Stever 24th Apr 2014, 11:03 AM edit delete reply
Looks like he's getting really into the role playing ;D
L8on 25th Apr 2014, 9:44 AM edit delete reply
It's all about the method acting.
Dangerous D. F. French 24th Apr 2014, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
Once again, this is super-duper funny. Go Creature and Fuzzball!
L8on 25th Apr 2014, 9:43 AM edit delete reply
Dude, you wrote it. Saying that it's super-duper funny is pretty arrogant.
L8on 25th Apr 2014, 9:45 AM edit delete reply
Unless you mean that the drawings are super-duper funny, in which case, thank you.